Working Title: What factors influence an adolescent to be more responsible?

There is no way to judge the qualify of the adolescent life in terms of good and bad. It is a very special time of our life that no good experience is guaranteeing promising, and no bad experience hinders. That is the reason why I would like to use the term “responsible” to describe a more favorable adolescent, from a grown generation’s perspective. I will specifically define what I mean by “responsible” in later paragraph.

The data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health provides a wide range of variables that would be interesting to examine what are some factors that have positive or negative influence over the development of an adolescent.

The adolescent is the phase of life that connects the childhood to the independence. Therefore, it is considered successful, unless things happened against one’s will and would have negative impacts in later life. For example, experience of violence, unwanted pregnancy, or inadequate academic performance and so forth.

I hypothesize that the possession of the strong self control ability (or self-discipline) can actually refrain one from making these adolescent mistakes, thus having a more responsible adolescent.

In fact, self-discpline is considered a factor that is even more important than IQ in predicting academic performance in one research which subject is adolescents (Duckworth, Sellgman, 2005). I believe that students exhibit good academic performances are ones that have good self-discpline. Therefore, this information can be used to trace those students who have good self-discipline from the respondents.

First, I will be observing whether these students have relatively fewer counts of adolescent mistakes. One study suggests that students have higher educational goals and achievements delay the first time of sexual intercourse. (Schvaneveldt, et al, 2001) Therefore, I am very curios to see whether the similar correlations exist with other irresponsible behaviors.

If the relationships indeed exist, I will be continue to examine is there any difference exists with their experience with parent. The variables of interests are whether staying with biological parents, years stayed with biological parents, quality time spent together, existence of irresponsible parental behavior such as physical abuse, drug, and alcohol abuse etc.

Although overall efforts of parents are important, but it would be interesting to identify whether father and mother contribute in the same weight in terms of ability to control one self. The parental discipline and nurturance are two of the most heavily referenced constructs in the parenting research literature (Locke, Printz, 2002). I have always doubted that fathers contribute more in terms of self-discpline as a command and order figure. Therefore, I suspect that those who exhibit a good self-discipline enjoy relatively stronger bonds with their fathers. Given today’s children are growing up in a more tolerant and forgiving educational environment, I argue that discipline is something more rare compare to the nurturance aspects of the family education.

In my initial scanning of the codebook documents, discovered that 1) students had very loose attitude regarding their school works (Academics and Education section), and 2) less fathers seemed to be participating with after school life of students (Relations with Parents section). Identification of irresponsible adolescent behaviors are possible by looking into 1) Motivations to Engage in Risky Behaviors, 2) Delinquency Scale, 3) Fighting and Violence, 4) Suicide, and 5) Physical Development/Pregnancy History.

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Astrill VPN (Client) App for Android 5+ (Lollipop)

I have found out that after my Smartphone updated to Android 5.0.1, the Astrill VPN app no longer works. It keeps returning an error message that says “No process running.”

I wrote an email to Astrill customer support, and they rely with a beta version of the app which worked fine in my Nexus 5, Android 5.1 system.

You can give it try from following link:


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Counterintuitive Mac OS X Series 1: How to Completely Delete VPN.

Mac OS X is a very awesome operating system. But sometimes it just is not as intuitive as what it appears to be. For example,

Do you know how to delete VPN connections completely?

You might want to try something in “System Preferences -> Network” Settings. But you will soon discover that the button for removal is greyed out, and you cannot press it.

Some in apple support community suggested following ways to remove them. If you have rather complicated VPN connection names, you’d better rename them before you delete them one by one using the command. (You can rename them in Network preference page to rename it.)

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 9.29.11 PM


It is kind of working, except that it failed to show you how to remove one last VPN connection. The command he suggested cannot remove last one.

In order to delete entire VPN completely, you need to remove Profiles generated by installing VPN services. If you open up “System Preferences”, you will see a “Profiles” icon. Get in and delete whatever profiles associated with the VPN which you would like to delete, then VPN will be gone. You will not even need the aforementioned method.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 9.34.56 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 9.37.06 PM

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How to delete multiple articles at once at Kindle digital library

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But Kindle digital library has a very poor management function, while you […] Continue Reading…

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